All it takes is a little imagination to get the whole family together with Timberz by Newfound Toys. Safe for children 3 and up, the plastic planks are washable and made right here in the United States. Build a workshop, a helicopter pad or a secret hide out, Timberz gets the whole toy box involved!

What's in the box?

  • Roof Gables x2
  • Joist Timberz x4
  • Planks x12
  • Long Timberz x24
  • Short Timberz x32
  • 74 Total Pieces!

The Newfound Toys Timberz project started back in 1992, when my son was three years old. I wanted him to be able to build durable structures that didn’t fall over as soon as I stepped away, and that could be incorporated with other toys. Dinosaurs were his favorite. It was fun to watch him learn to build with Timberz so quickly, and to see how proud he was of what he’d made. When kids get their hands on toys like these you can see the gears turning while they build. Its cool! They use their structures creatively, whether its dinosaurs or bird houses, forts or caves; we’ll never know exactly what they’re thinking. I’ll share one thing I’ve learned though, don’t try to tear down what they build and get used to the phrase "I WANT MORE!"

I believed so much in Timberz even from the start, that when investors didn't step up, I had to do it myself. I used my home equity and spent two and a half years building the first production molds and didn’t stop there. Newfound Toys has larger sizes in the works. My Son kept that first crude attempt at Timberz all through his childhood and now, even at 22, he says he likes the newest, patent pending Timberz. I have seen first hand how rewarding Timberz are to children, how it helps them discover and learn and develop and I think they are worth the investment.

Playtime shouldn’t be aggravating, it should be rewarding, and better yet, fun.

Happy building!

I would like set of Timberz!

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